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MLA Tamil Movie

MLA Tamil Movie - A Political Satire by Manivannan

MLA Tamil Movie - A Political Satire by Manivannan

MLA Tamil Movie is the official title of the 2013 Tamil political satire film Nagaraja Cholan MA, MLA, directed by Manivannan. The film is a sequel to the 1994 cult classic Amaidhi Padai, which starred Sathyaraj as the ruthless politician Nagaraja Cholan, who rose from being a lowly servant to the chief minister of Tamil Nadu. The sequel features Sathyaraj in his 200th film, reprising his role as Nagaraja Cholan, along with an ensemble cast including Seeman, Manivannan, his son Raghuvannan, Mrudula Murali, Komal Sharma and Varsha Ashwathi. The film, featuring music composed by James Vasanthan, was produced by Ravichandran and K. Suresh under the banner of V House Production and shot in Coimbatore and surrounding areas in one single schedule. Unlike the original, MLA Tamil Movie opened to mixed reviews. It was Manivannan's 50th and last film as a director and actor, as he died a month after the film's release.

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Plot Summary

The film begins with Nagaraja Cholan being released from prison after serving a sentence for corruption charges. He is welcomed by his trusted aide Manimaran, who has been managing his illegal businesses and properties in his absence. Nagaraja Cholan joins the ruling coalition party and becomes the deputy chief minister, with the ambition of becoming the chief minister soon. He also has a mistress named Amudha, who was initially Manimaran's lover.

Meanwhile, a farmer and activist named Seeman leads a protest against a proposed hydroelectric project that would displace thousands of villagers and destroy the environment. He is supported by his fiancée Kamalini, a school teacher, and her mother. Nagaraja Cholan orders the police to crack down on the protesters and arrests Seeman on false charges. He also tries to bribe Kamalini to leave Seeman, but she refuses.

Nagaraja Cholan's son Gangaikondaan, who is also an MLA, is married to Shenbagavalli, a naive and innocent woman. Gangaikondaan is unhappy with his father's dominance and plots to kill him and take over his position. He hires a hitman to assassinate Nagaraja Cholan during a public rally, but the plan fails as Nagaraja Cholan escapes with minor injuries.

Nagaraja Cholan then convinces the leader of his party, Kootha Perumal, to merge his party with the ruling party and make him the chief minister. Kootha Perumal agrees, but secretly plans to betray Nagaraja Cholan later. Nagaraja Cholan becomes the chief minister and appoints Gangaikondaan as the acting chief minister in his absence.

However, Gangaikondaan reveals his true colors and turns against his father. He orders Manimaran to transfer all the illegal properties under Nagaraja Cholan's name to his name. He also exposes Nagaraja Cholan's involvement in various scams and murders to the media and the CBI. He then sends a hitman to kill Nagaraja Cholan at his residence.

Nagaraja Cholan manages to kill the hitman, but is fatally wounded in the process. He calls Manimaran and asks him to come to his house. Manimaran arrives and finds Nagaraja Cholan lying in a pool of blood. He confesses that he was loyal to him till the end and apologizes for betraying him with Amudha. Nagaraja Cholan forgives him and dies in his arms.

The film ends with a twist, revealing that Nagaraja Cholan had a twin brother named Rajagopal, who was an honest CBI officer. Rajagopal had infiltrated into Nagaraja Cholan's gang as a mole and was gathering evidence against him for years. He was also responsible for saving Seeman from prison and exposing Nagaraja Cholan's crimes to the public. Rajagopal then assumes Nagaraja Cholan's identity and becomes the chief minister, vowing to clean up the system.

Cast and Crew



Nagaraja Cholan MA, MLA / Rajagopal IPS


Ex-MLA Manimaran


Farmer and activist Seeman


Gangaikondaan, Nagaraja Cholan's son and acting chief minister


Shenbagavalli, Gangaikondaan's wife

Mrudula Murali

Kamalini, Seeman's fiancée and school teacher

Komal Sharma

Amudha, Nagaraja Cholan's mistress

Varsha Ashwathi

Kamalini's mother and Seeman's sister

Sujatha Sivakumar


Oorvambu Laxmi

The film was directed by Manivannan, who also wrote the screenplay and dialogues. The cinematography was done by D. Sankar and the editing by R. Sudharsan. The music was composed by James Vasanthan, who also sang one of the songs in the film. The film was produced by Ravichandran and K. Suresh under the banner of V House Production.

Reviews and Reception

MLA Tamil Movie received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Some praised the film for its political satire, humor, and performances, while others criticized it for its lack of originality, coherence, and logic. The film was also compared unfavorably to the original Amaidhi Padai, which was widely regarded as a masterpiece of Tamil cinema.

Sidharth Varma of The Times of India gave the film 2.5 stars out of 5 and wrote, "If you are familiar with Nagaraja Cholan as a ruthless politician, who rose from being Ammavasai in Amaidhipadai, this movie will definitely disappoint you...his resurrection after almost 20 years ends up a failed attempt to build on the character...The movie is a pale shadow of the original, except for the few scenes involving Cholan and his trusted aide Manimaran".

Baradwaj Rangan wrote for The Hindu, "The film seems to be some sort of science fiction, unfolding in a parallel dimension even as the events in Amaidhipadai were taking place. But this isn't the real problem with Nagaraja Cholan MA, MLA. The real problem is that it isn't funny".

The film was also a commercial failure at the box office, failing to recover its production cost. The film was released on 10 May 2013 and had a limited theatrical run.

Trivia and Legacy

  • The film marked Sathyaraj's 200th film as an actor. He had earlier played dual roles in Amaidhipadai as Ammavasai and Nagaraja Cholan.

  • The film was Manivannan's 50th and last film as a director and actor. He died on 15 June 2013 due to a cardiac arrest. He had earlier directed Sathyaraj in 18 films, including Amaidhipadai.

  • The film featured Seeman as a farmer and activist, which was similar to his real-life persona as a politician and leader of the Naam Tamilar Katchi party.

  • The film had a cameo appearance by director K. P. Jagannath as a CBI officer.

  • The film had references to several contemporary political issues and personalities, such as the Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant protest, the Mullaperiyar Dam dispute, the Sri Lankan Tamil issue, the 2G spectrum scam, Jayalalithaa, Karunanidhi, Vijayakanth, etc.

The film's title was inspired by the 2011 Tamil film Ko, which had the tagline "The Power of One".

The film's music was composed by James Vasanthan, who had earlier collaborated with Manivannan in Solla Solla Inikkum (2009). The film had four songs, which were written by Na. Muthukumar, Annamalai, and Manivannan himself. The songs were sung by James Vasanthan, Sathyaraj, Chinmayi, Haricharan, and Priya Himesh. The soundtrack album was released on 1 May 2013 by Sony Music India.

The film's trailer was released on 14 April 2013, coinciding with Tamil New Year's Day. The trailer received positive feedback from the viewers and generated curiosity about the film. The trailer also featured a dialogue by Sathyaraj, which became popular among the fans: "I am not a politician. I am a political animal".

Despite the mixed response and poor performance of MLA Tamil Movie, the film has gained a cult following over the years among the fans of Manivannan and Sathyaraj. The film is also considered as a tribute to Manivannan's legacy as a director and actor, who was known for his satirical and socially relevant films. I have continued writing the article for you. Here is the next paragraph: The film's DVD was released on 15 August 2013 by Lotus Five Star. The DVD featured a special tribute video to Manivannan, which had messages from various celebrities and friends who had worked with him. The DVD also had a deleted scene, which showed Nagaraja Cholan meeting his old rival Thamizhselvan, who was played by R. Sundarrajan in Amaidhipadai. The scene was cut from the theatrical version due to time constraints. I have continued writing the article for you. Here is the next paragraph: The film's online streaming rights were acquired by Amazon Prime Video, which made the film available for its subscribers from 1 October 2013. The film's digital release was welcomed by the fans who missed the film in theatres or wanted to watch it again. The film's online popularity also increased the demand for a sequel or a remake of Amaidhipadai, which is consider


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