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If you would like to purchase a copy of my ebook, AN ANGEL'S TALE, please read the section that says "What my book is about" and click on the button below that says "Click here to buy a copy". If you would like a hard copy, please write to my email below. That is me standing on the far left, at age 19.

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What my book is about

It was the early 1990’s and the crack-cocaine epidemic was exploding in the streets of New York and Los Angeles. Drug dealers and gangs were killing each other and innocent bystanders to control the crack trade. Meanwhile, another epidemic was exploding on the college campuses, political correctness. In the middle of it all was a socially awkward young man.
Unable to fit in at his college and rejected by the woman he loved, he decided to join the shadowy group of crime-fighting martial artists known as the Guardian Angles. With no weapons of any kind, the Guardian Angels would make citizens arrests against armed drug dealers and gangs, taking the streets back for the citizens. But, their exploits drew the attention of John Gotti, of the Gambino Crime Family, resulting in a deadly confrontation and the wrath of his son, John Gotti, Jr.
Based on a true story.

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