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Download Day 21 (The 100, #2) by Kass Morgan in PDF EPUB - Free and Legal

Day 21 by Kass Morgan: A Thrilling Sequel to The 100

If you are a fan of dystopian science fiction, you might have heard of The 100, a popular TV show on the CW network. But did you know that the show is based on a series of books by Kass Morgan? And that there is a second book in the series called Day 21?

day 21 kass morgan ebook download

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Day 21, the sequel to The 100. We will give you a summary of the book, a review of its merits and flaws, a comparison with the TV show, and a guide on how to download the ebook for free. So buckle up and get ready for a thrilling ride!

What is Day 21 about?

Day 21 is the second book in The 100 series by Kass Morgan, published in 2014. It follows the adventures of a group of teenagers who were sent to Earth from a space station after a nuclear apocalypse. They are the first humans to set foot on the planet in centuries...or so they thought.

The book picks up where The 100 left off, with the hundred facing an unknown enemy that attacked them on their twenty-first day on Earth. Wells, the son of the Chancellor, tries to keep the group together and find out who their assailant is. Clarke, a medical student, sets out for Mount Weather, where she hopes to find other survivors from the space station. Bellamy, a rebel leader, is determined to rescue his sister Octavia, who was kidnapped by a mysterious tribe. And Glass, who stayed behind on the space station, faces an unthinkable choice between her lover Luke and her life.

The book alternates between the perspectives of these four characters, as they struggle to survive in a hostile environment, uncover secrets from their pasts, and forge new relationships. The book is full of twists and turns, suspense and romance, action and drama.

Why should you read Day 21?

The book's themes and messages

Day 21 is not just a mindless adventure story. It also explores some deeper themes and messages that are relevant to our society today. For example, the book deals with the question of what it means to be human in a post-apocalyptic world. How do you preserve your humanity when you are faced with life-or-death situations? How do you cope with the guilt of your actions and the consequences of your choices? How do you balance your individual needs and desires with the collective good and survival?

The book also touches on the issues of leadership, loyalty, and love. How do you lead a group of people who have different backgrounds, opinions, and agendas? How do you earn their trust and respect? How do you deal with dissent and conflict? How do you stay loyal to your friends and family when they are in danger or in trouble? How do you find love and happiness in a world full of pain and suffering?

The book's style and tone

Day 21 is written in a style and tone that will keep you hooked from the first page to the last. The book is fast-paced and action-packed, with short chapters and cliffhangers that make you want to read more. The book is also engaging and entertaining, with witty dialogue and humorous moments that lighten up the mood. The book is also emotional and touching, with scenes that will make you laugh, cry, or swoon.

The book is written in a simple and clear language that is easy to understand and follow. The book uses an informal tone that makes you feel like you are part of the story and the characters' lives. The book uses the active voice that makes the story more dynamic and lively. The book also uses rhetorical questions, analogies, and metaphors that make the story more interesting and relatable.

The book's relation to the TV show

If you are a fan of the TV show The 100, you might be wondering how Day 21 relates to it. Well, the answer is: not much. The book and the show are very different in many ways, such as the plot, the characters, the setting, and the tone. The show is more dark and gritty, while the book is more light and fun. The show is more focused on the politics and conflicts between different factions, while the book is more focused on the personal journeys and relationships of the main characters. The show has more characters and subplots, while the book has fewer characters and a simpler storyline.

However, this does not mean that you cannot enjoy both. In fact, you might find it interesting to compare and contrast the two versions of the story, and see how they interpret the same premise in different ways. You might also find some similarities and connections between them, such as some scenes, dialogues, or references that are taken from or inspired by the book. You might also discover some new aspects or perspectives of the story that you did not notice before.

How can you download Day 21 ebook for free?

Now that you know what Day 21 is about and why you should read it, you might be wondering how you can download the ebook for free. Well, we have good news for you: it is possible! Here are some steps on how to do it:

The benefits of reading ebooks

Before we get into the details of how to download ebooks, let us first talk about why ebooks are awesome. Here are some advantages of reading ebooks:

  • Ebooks can save you time. You don't have to go to a bookstore or a library to get them. You can just download them online in a matter of minutes.

  • Ebooks can save you money. You don't have to pay for shipping or taxes. You can also find many ebooks for free or for a low price online.

  • Ebooks can save you space. You don't have to worry about storing or carrying physical books. You can store thousands of ebooks on your device or cloud service.

  • Ebooks can offer you more options. You can choose from a wide range of genres, authors, formats, and languages online. You can also adjust the font size, brightness, color, and orientation of your ebook reader according to your preference.

  • Ebooks can enhance your reading experience. You can access additional features such as bookmarks, highlights, notes, dictionaries, translations, audio narration, hyperlinks, multimedia content, and social media integration on your ebook reader.

The best sources for downloading ebooks

Now that you know why ebooks are great, let us move on to where you can find them. Here are some recommendations of websites that offer free or cheap ebooks legally:

  • Google Play Books: This is a digital bookstore that offers millions of ebooks, audiobooks, comics, and magazines. You can browse by categories, genres, bestsellers, new arrivals, free books, and deals. You can also read samples and reviews of the books before buying or downloading them. You can access your books on any device with the Google Play Books app or website.

  • Internet Archive: This is a non-profit library that hosts millions of free books, movies, music, software, and more. You can find many classic and rare books here, as well as some modern ones. You can download them in various formats such as PDF, EPUB, MOBI, and TXT. You can also borrow them for a limited time with a free account.

  • Kobo: This is another digital bookstore that offers millions of ebooks and audiobooks. You can browse by categories, genres, collections, recommendations, and awards. You can also read previews and ratings of the books before buying or downloading them. You can access your books on any device with the Kobo app or website.

The tips and tricks for downloading ebooks safely

Finally, let us talk about how to download ebooks safely. Here are some precautions you should take when downloading ebooks online:

  • Check the source. Make sure you are downloading from a reputable and legal website that respects the authors' rights and does not distribute pirated or illegal copies of the books.

  • Check the format. Make sure you are downloading the right format for your device and ebook reader. Some common formats are PDF, EPUB, MOBI, and AZW. You can also use online converters to change the format if needed.

  • Check the quality. Make sure you are downloading a high-quality and error-free copy of the book. You can read the reviews and comments of other users to see if they have any issues with the book.

  • Check the security. Make sure you are downloading from a secure and virus-free website that does not contain any malware, spyware, or phishing links. You can use antivirus software and browser extensions to scan and block any suspicious downloads.

  • Check the license. Make sure you are downloading a book that is free or cheap for personal use only. You should not share, copy, or sell the book without the author's permission or violate any copyright laws.


In conclusion, Day 21 by Kass Morgan is a thrilling sequel to The 100 that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It is a book that explores themes such as survival, leadership, loyalty, and love in a post-apocalyptic world. It is also a book that differs from the TV show in many ways, but still offers some similarities and connections. And it is a book that you can download for free or for a low price online from various sources.

If you are looking for a book that will entertain you, challenge you, and inspire you, then Day 21 is the book for you. So what are you waiting for? Download it today and join the hundred on their journey to Earth!


Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers about Day 21 and ebook download:

  • Q: How many books are there in The 100 series by Kass Morgan?

  • A: There are four books in The 100 series by Kass Morgan: The 100, Day 21, Homecoming, and Rebellion.

  • Q: How many seasons are there in The 100 TV show on the CW network?

  • A: There are seven seasons in The 100 TV show on the CW network. The seventh season is also the final season of the show.

  • Q: Where can I watch The 100 TV show online?

  • A: You can watch The 100 TV show online on the CW website, the CW app, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and other streaming services.

  • Q: What are some other books similar to Day 21 by Kass Morgan?

  • A: Some other books similar to Day 21 by Kass Morgan are The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, Divergent by Veronica Roth, The Maze Runner by James Dashner, The Giver by Lois Lowry, and The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey.

  • Q: What are some other websites that offer free or cheap ebooks legally?

  • A: Some other websites that offer free or cheap ebooks legally are Project Gutenberg, Open Library, Smashwords, BookBub, and ManyBooks.



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