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Tiesiog Mantas

Isc Business Futura Zip

Isc Business Futura Zip: A New Way of Doing Business

Isc Business Futura Zip is a new concept of business that aims to provide innovative solutions for the future. It is based on the idea of creating a network of entrepreneurs, investors, and experts who share their knowledge, skills, and resources to develop projects that can have a positive impact on society and the environment.

The name "Isc Business Futura Zip" comes from the combination of three elements: Isc, which stands for International School of Creativity, a private university in Bamako, Mali, that offers courses in entrepreneurship, management, and digital technologies; Futura, which represents the vision of creating a better future for Africa and the world; and Zip, which symbolizes the speed, agility, and flexibility of the business model.


One of the main features of Isc Business Futura Zip is that it uses SoundCloud as a platform to showcase the projects and ideas of its members. SoundCloud is a popular online audio distribution service that allows users to upload, share, and stream audio content. By using SoundCloud, Isc Business Futura Zip aims to reach a wider audience and attract potential partners and investors who can support their initiatives.

Some of the projects that have been presented on SoundCloud by Isc Business Futura Zip include:

  • A solar-powered water pump that can provide clean water to rural communities in Mali.

  • A mobile app that connects farmers with buyers and provides them with information on market prices, weather forecasts, and best practices.

  • A digital platform that connects women entrepreneurs with mentors, investors, and customers.

Isc Business Futura Zip is an example of how technology can be used to foster innovation and collaboration among different actors in the business ecosystem. By leveraging the power of SoundCloud, Isc Business Futura Zip hopes to create a new way of doing business that is more inclusive, sustainable, and impactful.


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