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How to Get Instagram APK 5.0 on Your Android Device

Instagram APK 5.0 Android: How to Download and Install the Latest Version

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, with over a billion users. It allows you to create and share your photos, stories, reels and videos with the friends and followers you care about. You can also connect with people who share your interests, discover new content, and stay updated with the latest trends.

instagram apk 5.0 android

But what if you want to enjoy Instagram on your Android device without any restrictions or limitations? What if you want to access all the features and updates that are not available on the official app? Well, there is a solution for that: Instagram APK.

What is Instagram APK?

Instagram APK is a modified version of the original Instagram app that offers more features, customization options, and performance improvements. It is not available on the Google Play Store, so you have to download it from a third-party source and install it manually on your device.

Instagram APK is also known as Instagram Mod APK or Instagram Plus APK. It is developed by independent developers who modify the original app code and add new features or remove unwanted ones. Some of the benefits of using Instagram APK are:

  • You can download photos, videos, stories, reels, and IGTV videos from Instagram to your device.

  • You can view anyone's profile picture in full size and zoom in or out.

  • You can hide your online status, seen ticks, typing status, and story views from others.

  • You can customize the app theme, icons, fonts, and colors according to your preference.

  • You can copy and paste captions, comments, bios, and hashtags from Instagram.

  • You can use multiple accounts on the same device without logging out.

How to download Instagram APK 5.0 for Android?

If you want to download and install Instagram APK 5.0 on your Android device, you have to follow these steps:

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Step 1: Enable unknown sources

Since Instagram APK is not available on the Google Play Store, you have to enable unknown sources on your device settings. This will allow you to install apps from sources other than the Play Store. To do this, go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and toggle it on.

Step 2: Download the APK file

Next, you have to download the Instagram APK 5.0 file from a reliable source. You can search for it on Google or use this link to download it directly. Make sure you download the latest version of the app that is compatible with your device.

Step 3: Install the APK file

Once you have downloaded the APK file, locate it on your device storage and tap on it to start the installation process. You may see a warning message that says "This type of file can harm your device". Ignore it and tap on "Install" to continue. The installation may take a few seconds or minutes depending on your device speed.

Step 4: Launch the app and enjoy

After the installation is complete, you can launch the app from your app drawer or home screen. You will see a new icon that looks like a plus sign (+) next to the original Instagram icon. Tap on it to open the app and log in with your existing account or create a new one. You can now enjoy all the features of Instagram APK 5.0 on your Android device.

What are the features of Instagram APK 5.0?

Instagram Reels

Reels are short, fun videos that you can create and share with your friends or anyone on Instagram. You can use various creative tools, such as text, filters, and music, to make your reels more engaging and entertaining. You can also remix other people's reels by recording your own video next to theirs. Reels can be up to 90 seconds long and can be uploaded from your gallery or recorded directly on the app.

To create a reel, you need to select the Reels option at the bottom of the Instagram camera. You will see a variety of editing tools on the left side of the screen, such as audio, effects, timer, align, and speed. You can record one or multiple clips by pressing and holding the capture button. You can also delete, trim, or rearrange your clips before sharing them.

You can share your reels with your followers on your feed or make them available to the wider Instagram community on Explore. You can also add them to your profile as story highlights or send them to your friends in direct messages. When you share reels featuring certain songs, hashtags, or effects, your reel may also appear on dedicated pages when someone clicks on them.


Stories are photos and videos that you can share with your followers or close friends for 24 hours. They are a casual and fun way to express yourself and connect with others. You can also add stickers, filters, text, and drawings to your stories to make them more interactive and creative.

To share a story, you need to swipe left from your home screen or tap the camera icon in the top left corner. You can take a photo or video by tapping or holding the capture button. You can also swipe up to choose a photo or video from your gallery. You can then edit your story by using the icons at the top of the screen.

You can share your story with all your followers or only with your close friends list. You can also hide your story from specific people by adjusting your privacy settings. You can view who has seen your story by swiping up on it. You can also reply to other people's stories by tapping the message box at the bottom of their story.


IGTV is a feature that allows you to upload and watch long-form videos on Instagram. It is designed for vertical and full-screen viewing on mobile devices. It is also a platform for creators and influencers to showcase their content and reach new audiences.

To upload an IGTV video, you need to tap the plus icon on your profile page and select IGTV video. You can then choose a video from your gallery that is between 15 seconds and 60 minutes long. You can also trim, crop, rotate, or add a filter to your video. You can then add a title, description, cover photo, and hashtags to your video before posting it.

You can watch IGTV videos by tapping the IGTV icon on the home screen or swiping left from the explore page. You can also access IGTV videos from other people's profiles by tapping the TV icon below their bio. You can browse different categories of videos, such as For You, Following, Popular, and Continue Watching. You can also like, comment, share, and save IGTV videos.

Direct Messages

Direct messages are a way to communicate privately with other Instagram users. You can send and receive text messages, photos, videos, voice messages, posts, stories, reels, and IGTV videos. You can also start group chats with up to 32 people.

To send a direct message, you need to tap the paper plane icon in the top right corner of the home screen or swipe right from anywhere on Instagram. You can then tap the plus icon in the top right corner and search for the person you want to message. You can also tap their username on their profile or their photo on their story and select Send Message.

To reply to a direct message, you need to open the conversation and type your message in the text box at the bottom of the screen. You can also use the icons above the text box to send a photo, video, voice message, emoji, sticker, GIF, or quick reply. You can also react to other people's messages by double-tapping them or holding them down and selecting an emoji.


Explore is a feature that helps you discover new content and creators on Instagram based on your interests and preferences. It shows you a variety of posts tha


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