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Jose Nelson
Jose Nelson

Using MVVM Light With Your Xamarin Apps

I struggle to understand difference between mvvm fresh & mvvm light, Or I can say I am just jumping into it. So anybody just shed a light on it to be comfort to use it with xamarin.forms application.

Using MVVM Light with your Xamarin Apps

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Using Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise. Created new Windows 10 Universal application. Added both mvvmlight and mvvmlightlibs using nuget. ViewModelLocator file was not created, nothing was added to resources. When trying to use it get:

I published multiple posts this week about creating Xamarin.Forms controls without borders using Custom renderers. This post is your one stop shop for all these posts. These are the controls that are used in my repository to create Material Design inputs in Xamarin.Forms that you can find here: These will be talked about in posts to come!Check the borderless controls out here: 041b061a72


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