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Auto Data 3.40 Deutsch Patchl Fixed

- Upgraded the Object Detection network to photon count video streams and retrained all parameters with the latest autolabeled datasets (with a special emphasis on low visibility scenarios). Improved the architecture for better accuracy and latency, higher recall of far away vehicles, lower velocity error of crossing vehicles by 20%, and improved VRU precision by 20%.

Auto Data 3.40 Deutsch Patchl


- Reformulated the autoregressive Vector Lanes grammar to improve precision of lanes by 9.2%, recall of lanes by 18.7%, and recall of forks by 51.1%. Includes a full network update where all components were re-trained with 3.8x the amount of data.

Moodle will automatically detect the new version and perform all the SQL database or file system upgrades that are necessary. If there is anything it can't do itself (very rare) then you will see messages telling you what you need to do.

Strings are automatically escaped using PDO. This function takes into account the connection charset, so its recommended to define the correct charset in the connection parameters or in the database configuration, as a wrong charset will produce undesired effects when storing or retrieving data.

Some models may have identity columns. These columns usually are the primary key of the mapped table. Phalcon\Mvc\Model can recognize the identity column omitting it in the generated SQL INSERT, so the database system can generate an auto-generated value for it. Always after creating a record, the identity field will be registered with the value generated in the database system for it:

Innovate faster, reduce operational cost and transform IT operations (ITOps) across a changing landscape with an AIOps platform that delivers visibility into performance data and dependencies across environments. Embrace artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation to help ITOps managers and Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) address incident management and remediation.

Deploy an event management solution that uses AI-driven, automated consolidation and grouping of events into smarter, more actionable incident datasets to help reduce manual processes and keep teams efficient.

If you change the preferred site in a stretched cluster, some objects might incorrectly appear as compliant, because their policy settings might not automatically change. For example, if you configure a virtual machine to keep data at the preferred site, when you change the preferred site, data might remain on the nonpreferred site.

When SATA disks on HPE Gen10 servers with SmartPQI controllers without expanders are hot removed and hot inserted back to a different disk bay of the same machine, or when multiple disks are hot removed and hot inserted back in a different order, sometimes a new local name is assigned to the disk. The VMFS datastore on that disk appears as a snapshot and will not be mounted back automatically because the device name has changed.

Panels have held that especially domainers undertaking bulk purchases or automated registrations have an affirmative obligation to avoid the registration of trademark-abusive domain names. Panelists will look to the facts of the case to determine whether such respondent has undertaken good faith efforts to screen such registrations against readily-available online databases to avoid the registration of trademark-abusive domain names.

Improve insight comprehension and help end-users better connect to and understand visualizations using Image Role. Image Role is a new field semantic that offers a scalable and automated way to bring image assets into Tableau. Tableau can now dynamically map images to links in your data and encode them as exportable row or column headers. This new capability makes it possible to manage image assets externally to prevent workbook sizes from becoming too large to maintain and share. More information here.

Data Guide also introduces two new tools to help you decide which parts of the dashboard to focus on so you can get to insights faster: Explain The Viz and Data Change Radar. Explain the Viz scans your dashboards for outlier measures and potential key drivers behind them. More information here. Data Change Radar (Tableau Cloud only) tracks measure values in your dashboard over time and automatically flags unexpected values outside of normal business patterns as data refreshes. More information here.

Ask Data phrase recommendations make it even easier for business users to ask questions of their data using natural language. Powered by machine learning models, Ask Data intelligently recommends next steps to uncover insights in your data by suggesting new measures to add to your question or dimensions to group by or filter on. Selected recommendations automatically update the query sent to Ask Data and the visualized answer that is returned. More information here.

Help any user to confidently access, understand, and communicate with data. Data Stories automate the analysis, build, and communication of insights, but are fully customizable, so you can tailor the stories based on your audience. Choose which analyses are included, change the confidence interval, rename fields, apply colors to denote positive or negative changes, and more.

You can now quickly create an automatically generated report off of the majority of datasets in the Power BI service. This makes it easy for you to explore all the datasets you have access to and can be helpful for jumpstarting report creation in the Power BI service.

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Note that this is not the only mechanism for automatic OSM data updates, you can also use other programs for this purpose, for example Osmosis. osmupdate is a small and fast program which has been developed just for this task. It might offer a few functions Osmosis does not offer, but there are also functions you might miss in osmupdate. 350c69d7ab


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