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Carlos Barbosa served as production designer for the series, with Adam Davis as art director. The pair are architects who had previously worked together on several feature films.[68] Buck noted that there have been a lot of different looks and designs for the Inhumans since their creation, which allowed the crew to "pick what was the best and most interesting aspects" for the adaptation. Davis described the comics as storyboards that gave "very broad strokes" from which they developed their own "visual language". The series contrasts the "concrete and dark" look of Attilan with more colorful scenes set on Earth.[28] The sets of the series were designed and built more vertically than usual to accommodate the IMAX release,[62] and to take advantage of the available space. The sets for Attilan are primarily made from stone, due to the limited building materials that would be available on the moon. Davis said that this 'instinctually' lead them to a combination of expressionism and brutalist architecture when designing the city, which also reflected some of the architecture on Honolulu where the Earth scenes are set. The designers also took inspiration from early Russian architecture and styles from the 1960s such as "massive pure geometric shapes". This is shown in rooms such as the Royal Hall, which is based on rectangular shapes; the Quiet Room, which is a circle; and the Control Room, based on equilateral triangles.[68] The sets also include a lot of reflective surfaces, which the crew hoped would "provide more depth to the images" from the IMAX cameras.[28][68]

Zoran, Space Boy torrent

Attilan is surrounded by a protective energy field in the shape of a cone, that projects out images of the moon's surface to camouflage the city, and projects in Earth-like imagery like clouds and sunsets. The cone shape was chosen, rather than a more traditional dome shape, so the Quiet Room where Black Bolt spends much of his time could be directly below the apex of the field, and "if he accidentally produces any sonic waves, the waves are redirected up the side of the cone and out the apex into outer space" and away from the city.[28] The set decorations were described as "slightly futuristic yet quaintly old-fashioned", with elements such as Ancient Greek-inspired statues of the Inhumans' ancestors present in the Royal Hall. The character's apartments and bedrooms are sparse, "with only essentials". Black Bolt and Medusa's bedroom has a view of the whole city.[28] Crystal's bedroom was designed to be able to fit Lockjaw, her 2,000-pound (910 kg) dog; because he can teleport, the set's door frames did not have to be sized to the character, but areas such as where he sleeps in her room did.[61] Roland Sanchez served as costume designer for the series. Rheon called the costumes "very different" from how they appear in the comics.[22] For instance, Mount does not wear Black Bolt's comic costume of a black outfit with white accents, tuning fork, and mask.[65] Mount said that this was done to make the character "more accessible to the viewer ... I'm not sure TV is the space for masks."[69] Rheon added that the costumes were intended to look strange to the audience to highlight that the Inhumans have been segregated from Earth and human culture for some time.[22] Special effects make-up was provided by Glenn Hetrick and Neville Page's Alchemy Studios.[70]

After the release of the final episode, Kofi Outlaw of said, "In the end, it's hard to avoid the conclusion that Inhumans is anything but a complete failure - one of the worst that the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise has ever seen... we've never seen a case like Inhumans, where there was a major IMAX theatrical release that fell flat, before a disappointing TV run."[135] James Whitbrook at io9 felt "Inhumans tried to do a lot of things, and did none of them particularly well". He continued that he would have been "amazed" if the series received a second season, and felt once the fifth season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returned to present-day Earth from space, the "Attilan Inhumans could make for a really good season-long plotline. Arguably, that's probably what Inhumans should've been instead of its own messy, miserable show."[90] In his review for the final episode, Entertainment Weekly's Christian Holub felt Inhumans "will probably be forgotten in the greater MCU, though it would be kind of fun to check in on them at some point".[136] Reviewing the season, Matt Liparota of Destructoid concluded, "Inhumans is a work with almost nothing of value for anyone. It's not even an interesting train wreck. It's just a boring, lifeless slog easily shooting to the top of the list of the worst things the MCU has produced in its near-decade of existence."[137] Marc Buxton of Den of Geek was a bit more positive, feeling Inhumans "ended up being more enjoyable than the dreadful opening two hours would have indicated" but was "still Marvel's first swing and a miss... Inhumans just kind of exists in its own low budget bubble... [that] came and went with a whimper". Buxton wanted a second season for the series, having enjoyed the cast and some of the characters, and hoped Marvel would have "lean into a proper Inhumans series and not a half assed one".[92]

At the Man Cave, Mika sneaks in to put on a virtual reality headset. Five days earlier, Captain Man is shocked by an electric eel game as Mika tests out a virtual reality fight game that has Rick Twitler as an opponent as Captain Man tells them about Twitler's previous virus attack. Captain Man then turns out the Internet only to turn it back on when Schwoz couldn't download water for his shower. Captain Man sees the ten-second effects of Danger Force while expecting a thanks for defeating Rick Twitler. Mika works to play the virtual reality game until she can beat it. Five days later, Mika succeeds in beating the virtual reality game as she is suddenly taken over. The next day, Mika comes in dressed in a suit which causes Ray, Chapa, Miles, and Bose to become suspicious. She goes into a special prison where Drex, Chest Monster, and Tiny Ray are being held as Drex learns that Rick Twitler is in her brain so that he can shut down the Internet and send Earth back to the Dark Ages. Rick in Mika's body then ties a rope around Ray's ankle and sends him into space on a trash rocket. Ray returns and starts to bring up the suspicious virtual video game as he figures out that Rick is in Mika after bad guesses about Mika being possessed by Dr. Minyak, Bill Evil, Toddler, Jeff, and Krampus. Rick reveals his new superpower as Chapa shocks her out. Schwoz suggests that they take somewhere that Mika will be comfortable so they can exorcise Rick Twitler from her body. They combine exorcism with exercising to pull it off when Angela interrupts them. This causes them to send Ray's helper monkey to distract her. They succeed as Ray has the helper monkey throw the VR goggles into a trash rocket to get rid of Rick Twitler. What they don't know is that the helper monkey failed to put the virtual reality headset into the trash rocket as Rick Twitler states that "it's not over".

Five days from the events in the last episode, Ray assembles the Danger Force for their trip to Dingoland where he uses a cast to pose as an injured Dingoland patron. Miles has a vision about Drex and Rick Twitler. Schwoz does a blood test to see if anyone is possessed by Rick Twitler. Though the results will be in five hours. As Ray and Chapa hunt down Mika, Miles, and Bose, they find the Helper Monkey in the prison room where Drex, Chest Monster, and Tiny Ray are imprisoned. Ray and Chapa find AWOL in the hot tub room. Then they find Brainstorm in another room streaming four dates from his charity. Mika tries to resist one of Chapa's traps to no avail. After taking their blood, Schwoz gets the results which state that none of them are possessed by Rick Twitler. When Ray is suspected and he advises Helper Monkey to help him, Danger Force finds Helper Monkey with Rick Twitler's suit and that he was possessed by Rick Twitler. Following the possessed Helper Monkey, they end up in the prison room where Drex has been freed from his cell. Ray is backed into a prison cell by Drex before being zapped by Chapa as she, Mika, Miles, and Bose assume their superhero forms. Drex is chased through the different rooms by Danger Force as Rick Twitler works to re-enter his original body that has been converted into a cyborg. Once the procedure is done, Rick Twitler is back in his body as Drex is subdued. Captain Man catches up to Danger Force with help from Helper Monkey. Rick Twitler contacts Danger Force stating that he has rewired the trash rockets to launch the Man's Nest into outer space. The KLVY satellite is then taken over by Virus.

Continuing from the last episode, the Man's Nest has been launched into outer space as Drex is shown to be tied up. Rick Twitler's cyborg form informs Trent and Mary that Captain Man isn't going to save him and activates the KLVY satellite where the remnants of the sentient living computer virus are. AWOL works to teleport himself and Brainstorm to Earth only to end up inside of one of the trash rockets. Captain Man plans to send a strapped Shout-Out to outer space so that her sonic scream can steer the Man's Nest towards the KLVY satellite. Afterward, Schwoz states that the Man's Nest might be destroyed in the process. As Rick Twitler works to activate the virus, AWOL and Brainstorm arrive to fight Rick Twitler. Back at the Man Cave, Schwoz states that they should put something in between it and the KLVY satellite as Captain Man uses Drex to do it since he is still indestructible. AWOL and Brainstorm continue their fight with Rick Twitler as two of Brainstorm's dates show up. Brainstorm throws himself in front of Rick Twitler's attack to protect them. The Man's Nest succeeds at the cost of Drex getting possessed by the Sentient Living Computer Virus. The Man's Nest is heading back to Earth as Schwoz hasn't figured out how to slow their descent as Drex's virus-possessed form appears. Captain Man fights Drex while not wanting to call Henry for back-up.


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