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Portraiture Plugin for Photoshop CS3: A Powerful and Easy-to-Use Tool for Skin Retouching

Portraiture or Desaturate is a free program that is used in Adobe Photoshop. Desaturate enables you to easily convert a combination of colors to grayscale. Through the use of Grayscale Control you can automate the conversion. In addition to its conversion functions, it includes more than two dozen options for controlling, editing, and saving the converted images. Use the Optimizer to find the optimum settings for your image. Use the Sweep tool to convert the image from one saturation to another.

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A free utility provided by Adobe which allows you to convert a color image to a black-and-white image without changing its color content. Works well with the default setting. This utility is included in the Photoshop Creative Suite and Photoshop Lightroom.

This product made by Imagenomics is a new import plugin for the Adobe Photoshop. This plugin enables you to convert Design to Portraiture, Paint to Portraiture, 3D Curves to Portraiture, and Displacement Maps to Portraiture. You can now convert any Design to its virtual counterpart, Portraiture, Paint to Portraiture, and 3D Curves to Portraiture.

Portraiture 3, the most innovative and powerful type of converter from the company Imagenomics, has just been released. This product from the company Imagenomics represents the most advanced computer graphic software with which you can convert a Design to Portraiture. It is an easy-to-use software, which helps you to convert any design with gradients and patterns to a completely flat design. Portraiture 3 is compatible with the most recent versions of Mac OSX, Windows, and Adobe Photoshop CC. The upgrade is free for existing Portraiture 2 users and $199.95 for new users. You can download freeware programs and use them without restrictions. You can use freeware products for personal or professional use. Here are the main features that you will discover after downloading Imagenomic Portraiture for free.


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