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MIGUEL E O SEXTO ANO is a children's book written by Brazilian author Lino de Albergaria and illustrated by Marco Aragão. It tells the story of Miguel, a boy who faces the challenges and changes of entering the sixth grade. The book was published by Saraiva in 2009 and is part of the Jabuti collection.


The title of the book can be translated as "Miguel and the Sixth Year", but the word "pdfgolkes" does not have any meaning in Portuguese. It seems to be a random combination of letters that was added to the title by some online sources . The reason for this is unclear, but it could be a result of a typo, a prank, or a way to attract more attention to the book.

The book is divided into 12 chapters, each one narrated by Miguel in the first person. He shares his thoughts and feelings about his new school routine, his friends, his family, his crushes, and his dreams. He also faces some problems, such as bullying, peer pressure, academic difficulties, and identity issues. The book is full of humor, emotion, and adventure, as Miguel learns to cope with the changes in his life and discover more about himself and the world around him.

The book has been praised by critics and readers for its realistic and engaging portrayal of a child's perspective on growing up. It also deals with important themes such as friendship, diversity, self-esteem, responsibility, and creativity. The book has been selected for the National Program of School Libraries (PNLD-SP) in 2004 and has been adapted into a theater play by the group Cia. dos Tantos in 2013.

MIGUEL E O SEXTO ANO is a book that can appeal to children and adults alike, as it offers a fresh and funny look at the joys and challenges of being a kid in the modern world.


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