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I recorded this without a physical sustain pedal and instead drew one in the editor window, while increasing the sound of pedal noise for realism in my performance. A completely MIDI performance now sounds as if it was recorded live!

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According to statements made in court, it is alleged that VARON-RAMIREZ supplied cocaine to MICHAEL SMITH. As previously announced, on May 15, 2012, a grand jury returned an indictment charging the following 44 individuals with various narcotics offenses related to the trafficking of cocaine, crack cocaine and heroin primarily in the Dwight-Kensington neighborhood of New Haven:

The indictment also charges WILSON and PIERRE GALAN with unlawful possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and WILSON with possession of a firearm in furtherance of a narcotics trafficking felony. GILBERT GALAN, JR. is also charged with unlawful possession of ammunition by a convicted felon. A grand jury returned a separate indictment charging the following nine individuals with various offenses related to the distribution of cocaine and crack cocaine, also in the Dwight-Kensington neighborhood of New Haven:

In situ 4D (three spatial dimensions plus time) observation of crack formation and subsequent filling of the crack by a load bearing reaction product is crucial for understanding the self-healing behavior. Furthermore, quantification of the spatial and temporal dependence is needed to validate and develop new micromechanical models for crack healing currently under development. While the challenge of in situ observation and (low level) quantification of closing and healing of cracks were already extremely demanding for (polymeric) materials that fail and heal at room temperature23, the experimental challenges become orders of magnitude more complex for (ceramic) materials that operate and heal at high temperatures. Until now, it has not been possible to directly observe the crack filling in high temperature ceramics. Thus it has also not been possible to monitor the crack repair or to establish the integrity of the repair. This is true not only for cracks formed in the pristine material, but also for cracks passing through a previously healed region. 4D X-ray tomographic microscopy using the high flux and brilliance of synchrotron X-rays is now a powerful tool for imaging the spatial and temporal evolution of microstructures from macroscopic to submicroscopic scales within a variety of materials24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31.

(a) Image of the mechanical testing rig incorporating the laser-based heating system mounted at the TOMCAT beamline; the sample stage and wedge setup are also visible. (b) Sample and wedge configuration; the arrow indicates the chevron where the cracks are generated and healed.

Mid-section of the sample: (a) first crack, (b) second crack and healed first crack, (c) healed second crack, (d) third crack and reopening of healed second crack, (d) healed third crack.

where k(T) is the temperature T dependent rate constant and n is the rate exponent, respectively. For alumina forming MAX phases n equals about 3, because in general, the oxidation obeys a cubic growth rate law35. However, for the Ti2AlC MAX phase studied here a value of about 4 was observed15. The growth of oxide in the gap of the crack proceeds as long as the oxide surface is accessible to the external environment. Thus, when the crack gap is sealed off, or when the oxide at either side closes the crack gap, the oxide growth ceases.

The global crack healing kinetics is determined from change in the volume V(t) of the crack as it fills with oxide. This volume change is determined from the 3D datasets by counting the number of voxels that represent the crack gap at a given time, t, hence:

The results presented here demonstrate the usefulness of in situ 4D (time-lapse) tomographic imaging when studying crack repair in a self-healing MAX phase materials. The change in crack face gap is observed with a high spatial resolution and has yielded the local, as well as the average, evolution of crack healing in pristine material and for the healing of a crack re-formed along a previously healed crack. For the first time we are able to resolve the spatial and temporal local crack filling kinetics.

The information presented here is crucial for constructing models predicting local damage and healing under practical operating conditions and also in the interpretation of healing kinetics as a function of initial damage topology and material compositions. This study opens new avenues for development and design of self-healing high temperature ceramics, not only for MAX phase materials when optimizing their composition and microstructure for crack healing, but also for self-healing oxide ceramics with sacrificial particles where their composition, size and distribution are crucial37.

In order to quantify the crack face gap (CFG) a median filter was applied to the original X-ray tomographic reconstructions to reduce the background noise. The cracked region in each tomographic slice was then segmented by thresholding. The gap across the faces (CFG) was measured as a function of position by counting the number of pixels occupied by the crack at each location perpendicular to the crack growth direction. In this way the current gap between the crack faces can be mapped for each crack at any stage in the repair process.

How to cite this article: Sloof, W. G. et al. Repeated crack healing in MAX-phase ceramics revealed by 4D in situ synchrotron X-ray tomographic microscopy. Sci. Rep. 6, 23040; doi: 10.1038/srep23040 (2016).

The animated 2018 movie "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" centered on Miles, voiced by Shameik Moore. Since then, fans, as well as Holland, have been rallying even more to see a live-action version of Miles in the MCU.

There also could be state taxes either withheld or due. Unless you live where there's no income tax or lottery wins aren't taxed, those levies could be more than 10%, depending on where you bought the ticket and where you live.

As Summer brings the heat, you have probably noticed swarms of ants spilling out of sidewalk cracks and crawling all over the pavement. Maybe you have wondered what it is about summer heat that brings all the ants out in full force, and what, if anything, needs to be done about them.

If you see pavement ants swarming near your house, be aware that these ants on the move could very well decide on your home or yard as an attractive destination. Cracks in your walls, patio or foundation may become the new entry point of foraging ants. If you do not take appropriate precautions, they could use these small cracks to enter your home

In order to stop ants from entering or setting up shop near your home, the first step to take is to seal visible cracks and to minimize access to potential food and water sources. However, these precautions can be difficult to implement completely. Pavement ants are tiny, and it can be impossible to locate and seal every single small crack where they can penetrate.

To maximize your defenses against potential ant invasions, use Combat Gels and Baits around the perimeter of your home and other structures such as sheds and garages. Combat Baits and Gels contain powerful insecticides that can get rid of entire colonies quickly and efficiently. Gels are easy to apply to cracks where ants tend to migrate, while bait stations can be placed wherever you have noticed groups of ants.

Summer is a time of particularly high risk for ant infestations, as pavement ants increase their numbers and travel to find new homes in the cracks of concrete or paved structures. Combat ant killing gels and baits are a powerful weapon that will help you guard your home against ants.

If mold growth is not controlled, it eventually destroys the things it lives on, because the fungus gradually digests materials. This might mean that items like soft furnishings, books, carpets, or soft toys have to be thrown away. In more serious cases, it causes weakened ceilings or walls, and undermines the structural integrity of buildings.

When the moisture content in plaster, joists, or studs is constantly changing, it causes materials to swell or contract. As a result, high humidity can lead to cracks, which may call for potentially expensive repairs.

Our software is delivered as universal installer, which means that both the Intel and M1 code is in one installer. So YES, our software does have native M1 code and is optimized to take advantage of the M1 Chip.

Know your mother's baseline -- what's "normal" for them. Some older adults have a lower normal body temperature than 98.6 degrees Farenheit, and others have had chronic problems throughout their lives. Be familiar with Mom's "default setting," and be aware of changes. Know that baselines change as a person ages. If, for instance, they go through surgery, chances are they will come out of it with a new baseline.

If your parent or parents live in a multilevel home but has problems with stairs, consider a chair lift. They are not inexpensive, but they can be cheaper than moving and will help keep your parent independent for a longer time. For someone who sits a lot, an ergonomic chair that offers greater lumbar support and adjustable features (chair height, armrest height, seat depth) can make a huge difference in overall health. Ergonomic chairs come in all kinds of models and varying prices.

Bedsores -- or pressure sores -- result when there is constant pressure on an area where bones are close to the skin's surface. Be on the lookout for problems in these most vulnerable areas: the back of the head, the shoulder blades, the elbows, the base of the spine, the hips, the heels, and the ankles. Consult a doctor if you see red, cracking, or dried skin. In the meantime, encourage Dad to move about when they can, and don't leave them sitting or lying on a damp surface. Make sure linens are not irritating, and wash them often.


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