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the music in the movie is so energetic and life like that i dont have to express what the movie was like. i think one of the fun things about this movie is that it begins in the present and ends in the past.



as it is, torrents bring with them legal and moral dilemmas because they lay bare a great deal of information about individual internet users. some see this as the perfect opportunity to illicitly obtain material that they would not otherwise have access to. the protection of privacy and the protection of intellectual property rights are often polar opposites. if privacy can be compromised, then the legal regime that protects intellectual property rights may be attacked.

however, my understanding of the passage of time is that this is not a cure, but a new problem. and a new problem can be a new opportunity. so i am interested to see how we are able to make this new opportunity turn into a viable path towards that which we want, which is a zero-carbon life. and to see what we can do in that space. i dont know what i could say. its been around so long. and i think the reason why its been around so long, has been that the problem has been so intractable, that all we have had is appeals to ourselves to keep trying. like we dont deserve to live like this. we deserve better. we are going to save the planet and all that. and none of that has ever happened. it all just has to be done. and we just cant do it ourselves. we just cant.

to which we will be able to take these solar-powered houses, to dig them into the ground in that way, to connect them into the existing renewable energy grid, and to give them enough power to complete their tasks. and to do it properly, we need the state, because those families, those people, those children, who are living in the world today, should be able to go to school, to study. and not have their lives, and the lives of their children, and their grandchildren, even in the present day, compromised by these issues. and that is a big challenge for us, and a big responsibility that we have. a responsibility to them, to our own countries. and the consequence is that we have to look at how we can scale this up properly. and my view is that we cannot just do it ourselves. so when the state takes over, we start to see how we can do that. and i think, actually, we have time, because the state system has been able to evolve a system which is not just well-adapted to the requirements of the global economy, it is evolving. where the responsibilities have been developed to take up all the problems we are facing.


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