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We Are Close!! Sneakpeak Screenshot! BETTER

You can see the five screenshots here and they all look rather cool. One of them shows a town with skyscrapers in various stages of construction. There are burned and rusted out cars everywhere in the streets and it looks like a good place for close quarters fighting. Another map shows a rural area with a massive warehouse ready for searching out items that can help keep players alive.

We are close!! Sneakpeak screenshot!

Another of the images shows a building in what appears to be the middle of an oil field with lots of derricks around. One of the screenshots shows an old homestead in a very pretty rural area with desert and mountains around. The last of the screen shots shows more of the same rugged desert country with burned out vehicles around.

NVIDIA wrote, "Our five screenshots showcase a landscape that's quite a bit different than Erangel, with a war-torn city area that features multiple multi-story buildings in various states of construction and decay and a strip mall shopping plaza. The rural areas are set in a harsh desert landscape that would be right at home in a spaghetti-western. There's lots of wide-open desert areas with the familiar patches of development and isolated structures such as small villages, warehouses, and single-story houses."

With Markup Hero, you not only get to take Minecraft screenshots easily, you can organize them for quick access, share them with friends and add your own annotations to explain your next adventure or mission.

In the screenshot from the trailer above, your player is standing next to a chart with a lot of the ratings to his left. I'm wondering if there is some sort of mini-game to determine your initial ratings, or if this is how you'll view your progression through the story. This should be the most interesting piece of information to uncover.

We think everyone should be able to comfortably run their own weekly shows, product demos, or customer trainings, just by themselves. We want to empower the next generation of marketing, event and customer success teams to get closer to their prospects and customers with less effort.

Here are the two screenshots of the Overview mode. The user can get to this mode from the main desktop view by clicking the Activities button in the top left corner, pressing the System key or Alt+F1. The first screenshot shows off a single workspace with open windows, favorite applications, non-favorite running applications, and recent documents. The second screenshot shows off search results along with a details preview for one of the results.

The first look from July wasn't direct screenshots but instead photographs of development on monitors, giving us a glimpse at several of the returning characters including protagonist Ichiban Kasuga with his new tied-up hairdo. We still have yet to find out when Yakuza 8 is launching or if it'll have a fancy title as with Like a Dragon, but we could find out sometime this month.

Last week, we announced that we were very close to releasing anupdated CloudXPRT build (v1.01) with two minor bug fixes, an improved post-testresults processing script, and an adjustment to one of our test configurationrecommendations. Our testing and prep is complete, and the new version is livein the CloudXPRT GitHub repository and on our site!

Screenshot Saturday Sundays! That reliable portal to other worlds has opened up once again, a sneak-peak at a smattering of screenshots, gifs, and video delights that are sure to sate our curiosity for a Sunday afternoon. This week: a snowboard throwback, dead clocks, squeaky anecdotes and a frightful return to John Walker's favourite game.

Our next game is nothing special at first glance - colourful, top-down adventures are all over the shop on #screenshotsaturday. But then the cutscene camera rolls, and see a masterclass in animation timing.

I adore every frame of this seemingly throwaway interaction - from that first player's slam in the dirt (sorry, "popping a squat") to every sudden close-up lending intense gravitas to what is, effectively, squeaky-toy exposition. It's delightful scene-setting for a game that gets more wonderfully strange the deeper I dig into developer BEBADBOI's fee - perfectly at home alongside the collective's beautifully absurd catalogue.

On Tuesday night, the former president's son, Donald Trump Jr., share a screenshot(Opens in a new tab) of his father's very first post on Truth Social on his Twitter. The platform has not launched publicly.

"Time for some Truth!!!" tweeted Trump Jr., sharing the screenshot on the website that banned his dad after a pro-Trump mob stormed the Capitol building on Jan. 6, 2021 in an attempt to overturn the official election results.

A few others(Opens in a new tab) in the Trump orbit have also shared(Opens in a new tab) screenshots of their own debut Truth Social posts. The video service Rumble, which has pivoted into a "free speech" conservative media platform following those events at the Capitol, tweeted out a screenshot promoting how its company will power video on Truth Social.

The screenshot-sharing campaign was clearly an endeavor to promote the upcoming launch of Truth Social. However, from a marketing perspective, it seems like a missed opportunity, primarily because there was nothing to promote.

Before drones, inspecting this dam would have been a dangerous exercise. In order to examine the underside of the bridge up close, inspectors would need to use snooper trucks or other expensive machinery to see over the side of the bridge or scale tall ladders while balancing on the curve of the dam, potentially putting their safety in jeopardy. On top of that, inspectors must make their own judgments about the level of damage, which can lead to inconsistent inspection results and a lack of dependable documentation.

The metal-reinforced concrete structure of the Sepulveda Dam is difficult for a manual drone to navigate near, requiring long standoff distances and expensive hardware to compensate for conservative flight patterns. This is a screenshot from the 3D model.

One of nearly 600 photos to comprise the scan, this image shows the benefits of being able to fly up close - capturing incredible detail at angles inaccessible to any camera flying at the long standoff distances required by manual drones.

Let's take a look at an example of Kweebecs at home. The screenshot below shows several aspects of the Kweebec blockset, as well as the various stages of the Kweebec life-cycle: from sprouting seedlings to autumnal elders.

We got a sneak peak at the next instance in the Myths of the Realm 24-player alliance raid series. This new raid is called Euphrosyne and will continue the god-defying adventures established in Aglaia. The preview screenshots showed a vast golden field with an Yggdrasil-type tree in the background. Yoshida hinted that Nophica will be one of the gods in the next batch in raid story, and given her lore and the screenshot, it makes sense.

So today, I\u2019m going to rip the band-aid off and give you a glimpse into what is coming. I won\u2019t get too much into the details this time but I do have screenshots! I\u2019m also going to experiment with leaving comments open to hear your thoughts and feedback.

There are a lot of changes I didn\u2019t dig into this time that are hinted at in the above screenshots. (Where is chat? Where are the add-ons? Where is the settings gear and the reading-pane toggle?) Those will have to wait for future posts but I promise I\u2019m looking at everything and only adding functionality, never removing it.

With close to 100 acres, it now boosts a Toy building, a large FleaMarket, and many food vendors. A different make of tractor is featured each fall. We have antique machinery in operation,i.e., threshing gain and sawmill all powered by antique steam engines. Homemade apple cider.Homemade ice cream. Broom making and other crafts. Even an antique tractor parade. At night, the big boys come out to play competing with their antique tractor and steam engine in the pulls.

A choking storm gradually envelopes the Al Mazrah landscape, you may be familiar with the encroaching wall of vapor from your time in Verdansk and Caldera. This time, however, expect variations within the Circle Collapse. One possible occurance may be the result of extreme weather pattern anomalies resulting in the safe zone splitting into multiple Circles throughout a match that reconverge into a single safe zone as the match gets closer to the final circle.

When you're using Spotify in your browser or the desktop app, you can see your top ten artists and top 50 tracks of the month. These stats are only visible to you, so you can only share them by taking screenshots. To find them, do the following:

Are NPR's Tiny Desk Concerts your favorite part of the week? Do you clear an hour off your Friday schedule to listen to All Songs Considered? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you need NPRcore. NPRcore syncs with your Spotify account to see how closely your favorite artists and tracks match with National Public Radio's recommendations.

Indie game developers share their work progress every week on Twitter with the #ScreenshotSaturday hashtag. In this piece, we take a look at the most interesting and eye-catching screenshots or short videos of indie games shared on Saturday, October 24, 2020.

The US Census Bureau released a sneak peek of the 2020 Census online form last week during the National Advisory Committee Fall Meeting. We broke down the details and pulled a few screenshots to walk through the details.

Reddit user TheKzX uploaded a screenshot of the preview for Stories from the Outlands: Survive, which also had a greyed out button to watch the video. The caption names the new season as Apex Legends: Hunted, beginning on 9th August. 350c69d7ab


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