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Dua Abu Hamza Thumali Pdf Free [BETTER]

Zayn al-Abidin is said to have been poisoned in Medina at the instigation of the reigning Umayyad caliph, al-Walid, or his brother, Hisham.[9][41] The year of his death is reported as 94 AH (712 CE) or 95 (713) and he is buried next to his uncle, Hasan, in the al-Baqi' cemetery in Medina.[42][43][44] According to Madelung, after his death, many people discovered that their livelihoods had come from Ali. He would go out every night with a sack of food on his back, knocking at the doors of the poor, and gave freely to whoever answered while covering his face to remain anonymous.[3]

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Ali is said to have bought and freed dozens of slaves in his life.[57] Donaldson describes the occasion when a slave accidentally spilled hot soup over Ali and he freed the slave instead of scolding him.[58] Kohlberg writes that even though Hisham ibn Isma'il, the governor of Medina, was abusive to Ali, the latter forbade his family and friends from speaking ill of Hisham when he was dismissed by the caliph.[1]

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