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Nexus Vst Skins

As you can probably tell, this is a very time consuming job, and there are few places in the world that can do it. We've picked up a lot of people who do this professionally on a part time basis. Skins are a big part of StarCraft fan culture, and we are big fans of it ourselves. We've put a lot of work into creating a beautiful product, for a lot of free.

Nexus vst skins


In both of these cases, you can find pre-made skins for the specific unit. For example, did you want a specific marine skin for your player? Or did you want the unit to have the skin of their empire? Or maybe did you want the unit to have a skin for all of their territories? You can find a skins of any of these, and if you have no idea what to go for, we're happy to help you.

The advantage of Nexus over the VST instrument is that it can produce saturation, but also cut down on the number of synthetic wind instruments (e.g. flutes, saxophones) in your composition. It's a great tool if you want to produce a Max-like sound and still have the luxury of not needing a huge collection of VST instruments.

The Nexus vst takes the other's form in the same way the Black Sun does. The results sound incredibly high fidelity, but the sound should not be confused with the kind of mixing studio you would find in major music recording studios. It can sound well balanced and very good, but with a lot of room for tweaking.

The advantage of the Nexus is that even if you use a more expensive VST instrument, you need to add very little processing to tweak and calibrate it for your own sound. The "signature" sound we created is incredibly demanding on processing and resources, but the primary goal is not to produce "gold" sounds. It's to produce a sound that has a specific feel and character to it. Like much of the music we create, it evolves in the mixing studio. The "signature" sound is more of a starting point than an end point.


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